Best Inside the pants holster for Ruger lcp 380: Review and other info

Overview: If you want to buy a gun but you don’t want to show people your gun then small sized Ruger Lcp 380 is ideal for you because it is easy to conceal. It is a good choice in order to conceal it in the Ruger ICB holster. This pistol is an excellent lightweight pocket pistol that was released in 2008. It is always better to carry this gun in the holster because it makes your gun invisible to others. No matter you want to carry the gun in your pocket, hip, and ankle, you need a perfect holster that can fulfill your needs.
Here is the list of top 4 inside the pants holster for Ruger lcp 380. Let’s check it out:

  1. Nylon OT Inside-The-Pocket Holster Off-Duty and Concealment by Uncle Mike’s product:It is the best carry holster available in the market. It is made up of nylon that is sweat and dirt resistant. It conceals the Ruger pistol perfectly. With this holster, you can draw your pistol very smoothly and quickly due to its open-top design. This holster is one of the cheapest products available in the market but it is an excellent product due to its sturdy, and robust material and great quality. It is available in $7.66 dollar only.
    Pros:• Great price, very affordable.• Good laminate protection layer.• Very functional design.
    Drawbacks:• You cannot fit bigger guns in it.• The band is little lost.
  2. Wallet Holster Kel-Tec P3AT by Talon Ruger This holster is developed and designed by the law enforcement people and manufactured by the Hermann oak American leather for especially Ruger 380. Its wallet design is appealing for both women and men. You can place it in your pocket and this design makes it a little uncomfortable when it is needed. It is available in $49.95 in the market.
    Pros:• It is made of leather.• It can easily fit in your pocket.• You can easily draw this inside the pants holster for Ruger lcp 380.• Great product for low caliber guns.
    Drawbacks:• Price of this holster is high.• It is uncomfortable.3. lcp 380 Holster by Desantis Nemesis:It is made up of very comfortable material and also contains a great pattern on the outside. The core of holster is padded that will help you to conceal the gun. It is a cheaper option. However, the quality of this holster is not good. It is available in $15.36 in the market.Pros:• Cheaper than other products.• Good external pattern• Excellent protection from dust and dirt.• Comfortable Drawbacks:• Quality of the product is not good.
  3. DTOM Combination POCKET:It is one of the most popular carry holsters available in the market because it is specifically made for this gun. It has foam padding. Built quality is good and the product is robust and sturdy
    Pros:• It made for the Ruger lcp 380.• It contains padding.• Both left-handed and right-handed persons.
    Drawbacks:• It is not good inside the pocket.• Clip of the belt is not very strong.Bottom-line:It is not an easy task to carry a lethal weapon unless you are a professional. However, it is a good choice to conceal the pistol instead of showing it for everyone. If you want to carry a small-caliber gun then you would like to use a holster to conceal it from suspicious eyes. There are many lcp 380 holster is available in the market. However, you should choose the holster that can fulfill your needs.