Bulletproof backpacks

Bulletproof backpack panels are made to be proof from shots made by handguns and shotguns. They are made of strong threads that are carefully woven to create a light and soft armour. These backpacks have gained so much popularity, especially after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. They were even sold out during this period.
These backpacks, however, have their cons, one of them being that they cannot stop bullets shot from big rifles or assault guns. In the case of assault rifles like the AR-15, bags made of the Kevlar fabric could reduce the impact, but some damage is probable. These backpacks have now become a part of back to school shopping, and no matter their high cost, parents say that it is better to protect their children at whatever chance they get. This makes sense because you cannot compare the price of the bag with your child’s life.
Other parents have raised their concern on the backpack armour, stating that it is better to deal with the gun safety reforms and upping the security standards of an institution rather than armouring the children. With all that said, the parent has the final say on whether to get a bulletproof backpack for his/her kids or not