The Recover 20/20

The Recover 20/20 is a great design to add to your gun, allowing you to add a brace of your choice to any medium frame Glock pistol. This will provide your gun more of the brace action that it needs so you can enjoy your hunting trip better.

How This Works?

The Recover 20/20 is a simple tool to work with and install, but there are a few other components that you may need to add in. for example, you will need to use the included Allen wrench to help open up the 20/20 so the Glock will sit inside of it properly.

Then there is a front portion that can attach it to the rail, locking everything down. And finally, the rear alcove is there to make sure the gun is sitting in the right position. Keep in mind that before you install the Glock, it is best if you can install a charging handle with it. Otherwise it is hard to add this in later because of the type of access that it provides.

Once you get the Glock locked in, it is pretty solid and it is not going to move around. There really isn’t a lot of slack in this design, which makes it perfect and sturdy to work with. The brace can fold and lock in place too, allowing you to fire the weapon whether the brace is folded up or not.

The Tiers

The Recover 20/20 provides several tiers that you can choose from. The most affordable variant will come with just the brace, but most choose to add in some of the higher tiers that may include optional rails, a holster, and a sling. The rails can help attach to the sides, offering more room for other attachments if you would like. The least expensive option is $100 so it is affordable for your needs.

The newest tier offered will include a forward magazine holder that makes it easier to hold a spare mag. You will notice a modest price increase with each one, but you also get some good features added to it. The Recover 20/20 will help improve your aim and balance and can provide the bracing that you need while shooting.