Things to Know About Being a Woman

Being a woman is a lot of things. You keep surprising yourself with so much. Sometimes you feel that you are not enough but the truth is you are always enough.

You are Stronger Than You Think

Pain is part of life for men and women, but you cannot put up your tent and camp in the pain of yesterday. Seek healing from the pain the past caused you. A better and healed you will be of so much value to other women.
There is a strength within you and a fire that is ready to be unleashed in you. This fire is fuel for your purpose and passion. You need to get up, get over, and get on with it because baby girl the world is not stopping for you. You once were a victim but now determined to be a victor. Take responsibility for your actions. A Confident Woman Goes a Long Way
Confidence is also within. Begin to embrace your journey and process. Appreciate and take pride in the woman you have become. You cannot be enough for everyone but you are more than enough for yourself. Loving yourself brings security and confidence. Confidence embraces the diversity that others bring to the table and not forgetting your own. You are a treasure believe it.

You are Be-you-tiful

You are beautiful. Compliment, forgive, love, and take care of yourself. Take yourself out, spend time with yourself and, get to know you.
Transformation comes from the inside. Find love and peace within you and you will attract them outside of you. If you cannot change things about yourself, begin to accept and embrace them. Let the authentic self come out unapologetically.

The Power of the Pursuit of Strong Women

There is another woman out there with a story similar to yours. If you meet them on their way up, help them. If they are on top, pursue them. You can read up on them, watch their vlogs, follow them on social media, join their classes, and implement what you learn from them. Become a wise woman who does not have to make all the mistakes in order to learn but learn from other people’s mistakes.