Tooth Filling care

A dental filling covers a damaged tooth. It helps prevent the infection from spreading to the rest of the teeth. As with any other medical treatment, some precautions must be taken so that the implant remains in good condition. When your dental filling is not cared for properly, it can do more harm than good and worsen your teeth’ condition before they are placed. Here are some precautionary tips to keep in mind after a dental filling.

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New filings are sensitive for the first few weeks, so you should avoid eating hot and cold foods and beverages. If you feel any sensitivity to your teeth after a few days of filling, see your dentist immediately.
Continue brushing and flossing your teeth regularly. These habits can help extend fill time. The fillings may last for up to 15 years, and their exact duration will largely depend on the care taken to them and how they are applied.
Ask your dentist about a fluoride gel that you can use to brush your teeth. Generally, your dentist will recommend this type of gel containing fluoride to patients who have had many dental fillings.

Pitches are put to fill the gaps so that the initial tooth shape can be recreated. Resin dentin may not need cracks to hold it in place.

Semi-direct, indirect, and direct repairs

These methods are applied to repair teeth with fillings goods. Indirect fillings are used in extensive treatments. Semi-direct fillings are suitable for significant areas. While they are similar to direct fillings, they may be extracted and changed outside of the mouth. Once the filling is finished, it will be attached to the tooth in your mouth. Direct fillings require curing material placed within the cavities that arise as a result of caries.


With the above tips, you can be sure that your filling will last for a long time. If you need any information, please don’t hesitate to speak with your dentist. He should be more than happy to explain to you how to care for your gums properly. Lastly, see your dentist if you experience any discomfort.