Top 3 Essential Tips for Finding a Good Concealed Carry Holster

Anyone who owns a firearm knows that finding the right holster is as important as buying the right gun. Unfortunately, the wide variety of holsters on the market doesn’t make the process any easier. The process is daunting, and confusion is almost inevitable. When you think you’ve seen the best of professional holsters, more show up, and you can’t help but wonder which one to pick.

With the right information, the process can become more straightforward and almost seamless. This post highlights three useful tips for selecting a holster with an emphasis on the right tuckable holster. They include;

  • It should fit perfectly

Make sure that your final choice comes from an array of professional holsters that fit like Jericho holsters. There is nothing like one-size-fits-all in the world of gun and holsters. The holster you end buying must have been designed with the particular weapon you own in mind. A good holster and your belt must fit so flawlessly that there is neither room for slop nor movement.

  • Determine if you can quickly draw your gun

A good holster allows easy removal of the weapon when a person is seated and belted in the car. It is particularly essential for individuals who spend a lot of time belted in their vehicles. Sadly, many people never test a defensive draw under this circumstance. The other option at your disposal is to carry two guns – with one concealed in the car. Some people don’t love carrying two guns. If that’s the case with you, do everything possible to locate a holster that permits fast access to your weapon.

Some situations will require you to draw your gun with one hand. Can your holster allow you to pull the weapon with either hand? Picture a scenario where crooks bust you and grab you by your most reliable arm. Can you use your support arm to draw the firearm? This is something worth the consideration of the individuals shopping for professional holsters.

  • Stay clear of unnecessary features

Have you identified a concealed carry holster that has safety straps, thumb snaps or push-button releases? Avoid it like the plague. The best-concealed carry holsters have none of these components because, in the first place, they do not need them. These elements will slow down your defensive draw, and that’s dangerous when dealing with opponents whose weapons are already in their hands. An exception to this rule is the retention-screw elements available in the holster’s body. They are necessary for creating some bit of friction to hold the gun firmly in place.

As you consider the above tips, note that you get what you pay for. While cheap isn’t always expensive, a good holster will set you back a considerable amount of money. If you are not afraid to spend your hard-earned money on a good holster, you are guaranteed of finding the best of the best in the market. Professionals who deal with criminals know too well the importance of investing in the right holster. We all know that we cannot put a price tag on our safety and well-being. Whatever you do, choose the best that your pocket can handle.